You choose what to feed your kids, and they will grow accordingly. You can give them Food-like substances,Regular foods, or Superfoods.

If you choose the last option, know that these potent foods will transform your regular kid into a super-kid. Seriously.

Superfood “guru” David Wolfe believes that humans are a noble species. That’s why he says that we were meant to eat a diet consisting mainly of superfoods, “foods for the Gods”, which are so densely packed with phytonutrients that it makes more sense for our species to survive off them.

To get the same nutritional value, we would have to eat pounds upon pounds of greens and vegetables – pretty much graze like cows all day!

That does not mean we shouldn’t include greens, sprouts and other whole foods in our diet each day. It’s just that because superfoods are loaded with amazingly dense combinations of nutrients, they are balanced and complete foods that have a definite role in your child’s healthy diet.

For a food to qualify as a super food, it has to provide adequate amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. It needs to be self-sufficient – what I mean is provide all the essential nutrients a body needs to survive off that one food.

Many tribes throughout the ages survived and thrived off of these powerful fruits, beans, seeds and vegetables. In reality our body doesn’t need so much variety when we eat raw nutrient dense foods.

So if you can get your kids to enjoy a certain type of super food or a combination, they can have it as often as they want, for any meal! Why not chocolate? 

Here is superfood expert David Wolfe with an in depth look at some of these powerful foods:

It seems you hear about a new superfood every week. How do you spot the real ones?

You’ll see many claims of “number one superfood”. There seems to be confusion between foods that are just really healthy, and foods that actually qualify as superfoods. Sure, spinach and blueberries are great for you, but they don’t contain everything a body needs in and of themselves.

You might have heard some people refer to tomatoes, spinach, blueberries, oats, garlic, broccoli, citrus, or some other foods as “superfoods”. While these foods are highly nutritious, you cannot survive off of eating just one or a few of these foods all the time. And including them in your kids diet won’t have nearly the same effects.

Though regular fruits and vegetables are healthy, as plants they contain trace amounts of certain chemicals that protect them in the wild. This assures that they are eaten in rotation so as not to die out. But if eaten in excess, these chemicals could build up in your system in a harmful way.Everything in moderation – and for veggies, rotation!

The effects of including superfoods in your kids diet include: feeling great, being happy for no apparent reason, having more energy, and staying more alert and focused. The whole body benefits, as does the brain, and then your Super-kid is ready to tackle the world. 

What is a true superfood?

A complete food, one that you can survive off of, and miracles will happen. Many of these foods are berries, roots, seeds, or beans. One of my personal favourites is the cacao bean. It is a very complex and magical fruit. A good dose of the right kind of chocolate every day is great for growing kids, providing lots of magnesium to build strong bones.

To prove they are not only exotic, here is a list of other true superfoods that can be grown here in Canada:

Maca – a root native to Peru, can now be grown in southern Ontario thanks to warming temperatures. It is ground into a powder.

Goji berries – hardy in any climate, they have been known to survive even -30°C temperatures. The oval-shaped little red berries are dried to prevent perishing. Also called wolfberries.

– Wild kelp – grown in northern Quebec. It has over 70 minerals and trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins…it can even kill herpes virus!

Hemp hearts – the seed of the hemp plant. Luckily it is legal to grow in Canada. Very high in essential fatty acids. Actually the omega 6 and 3 ratio is ideally balanced in hemp seeds, 3:1.

Inca berries – also called golden berries, tomatillos, Indian gooseberries, or physalis. These golden, lemony tart and sweet berries can help with diabetes, and are loaded with B vitamin complexes. One of the only plant sources of B12.

Saskatoon berries – Used traditionally by the natives of the prairies for medicine and food. Rich in antioxidants, providing a daily dose of iron, manganese, calcium and vitamin C. 

Bee products (unpasteurized honey, royal jelly, pollen) – eating local bee pollen protects you from any local viruses or diseases. It contains every essential nutrient needed for optimal human health.

Mulberry – the most genetically complex organism on the planet! Can grow anywhere from the desert to the Arctic circle.

Chaga – a mushroom or fungus, harvested from the birch tree. If you see some in the forest (it is like a thick black, bumpy scar – yellow inside), you can chop it off yourself, and boil a tea from it that is highly medicinal.

These are to name a few, but you can see why superfoods are something to get excited about. Some seeds also qualify as superfoods.