Simple Meals

Healthy simple meals

Healthy meals don’t need to be elaborate. Simple meals are easy on you, and easy on your kids’ digestive systems.

Find out how to get your kids happy and healthy again without starvation, crash diets or ‘un-fun’ rules!

Ditch prepared meals!

The ingredients they contain are so over-processed and lacking in nutrition, prepared meals tend to be infused with sodium and chemical flavours in an effort to make them taste like ‘real’ food.

Fresh, whole foods, on the other hand, provide all the essential vitamins and minerals your kids need.

Many kids overeat, filling up on starchy foods like bread or pasta, some of which have little to no nutritional value. Refined carbohydrates – like those found in white bread and pasta – are biologically similar to sugar… clearly NOT what you want to be feeding your young family!

For more information about refined carbohydrates, visit this page at Medline Plus 

Fresh is best

I always strive to make everything from scratch… that way I know exactly what my children’s food contains. To save time, I make bigger batches and store them in the fridge or freezer.

If you’re very pushed for time, don’t forget that older kids can really help out in the kitchen. In addition to helping YOU, the experience actually helps THEM gain a greater understanding of just what goes into a healthy meal. You can get your younger kids involved too – just pre-chop and let them put everything together. Kids love mixing!

The most healthy and simple meals are made with raw veggies. Fresh raw foods contain life-giving enzymes, and a full scope of nutrients that can be lost while cooking.


You can make some fantastic simple meals with raw veggies. Fresh raw foods contain life-giving enzymes, and a full scope of nutrients that can be lost while cooking.

Meals made with raw vegetables can be ready incredibly quickly – and once you get used to washing and cutting them, it’s not such a chore. The healthy simple meals below take very little time to prepare, particularly if you have one kid chopping and one kid mixing!

These are serious meals! They have serious nutritional value, and most of them are dairy and gluten free, so they’re even suitable for many allergic children.

Feel free, of course, to improvise and add whatever your kids love most.


Some kids just won’t eat salads.

Adding a tasty homemade sauce or dip, however, can work wonders!

Veggies and dip constitute a meal, especially for summer days… so make the dip good! If you have picky kids that like very plain foods, then consider yourself lucky! Simply cut up some organic veggies like carrots, broccoli, celery, tomato, or cucumber and serve with a nutritious raw dip.

Raw foods contain living enzymes that will not only speed up digestion, but will also give their immune systems a boost and help maintain all the healthy functions of their bodies.

These really might be the most healthy and simple meals you can make. :)

Time saving tip: Blend a big batch of dip all at once and store it in the fridge.


1/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup raw pine nuts or cashews
1/2 bell pepper
1/2 medium onion
*2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

Tip: *Nutritional Yeast is a great source of B12 (most people are deficient in B12), and you can usually find it at the health food store.

Throw the ingredients into a blender or food processor, blend and add water if too thick. Delicious!


3/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tbsp Braggs Liquid Seasoning (or low sodium soy sauce or tamari)
2 tbsp raw honey or agave nectar
1 cup fresh herbs (basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, etc)

Blend ingredients. Serve as a dip, or spread onto lettuce, top with sprouts, and roll into a wrap. You can also add your child’s choice of cooked chicken, beef or lamb, shredded or chopped. Truly a meal in minutes!


3 tomatoes
1 cup soaked sundried tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped scallions
1/2 cup lemon juice
3 tbsp olive oil
pinch of sea or Himalayan salt

Combine all ingredients in a blender.

Add water if too thick.

This sauce is rich in enzymes, and also works as a great substitute for cooked pasta sauce. Serve it with cooked whole grain pasta, or dare to be different! Try using it with raw, Julienned zucchini as a more flavorful (and colourful!) raw pasta!


3 avocados
1/4 cup lime juice
4 scallions
2 ripe tomatoes
chopped fresh cilantro (to taste)
2 garlic cloves, crushed (optional)
pinch of sea salt

Mash all ingredients together.

This dish will go brown quickly – so don’t make more than you can use in one sitting!


Regular store bought wraps contain harmful preservatives. Let’s put it this way – if a food can sit in its packaging for months without going bad, that’s not a good sign!

Collard greens, cabbage or lettuce are great healthy alternatives to wraps. You can also buy Ezekiel sprouted grain wraps or brown rice wraps. Warm them to make them easier to roll.

Spread for wraps: hummus, avocado, or any of the dips above.

Filling: Grate or finely chop your kids’ favourite veggies. You can also add shredded cheese, or cooked meat or fish.

Use lots of sprouts. Sprouts are the best source of nutrition because they are still living, whereas vegetables lose roughly 50% of their nutrients 3 hours after they are picked.