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Thank you everyone for your innovative and healthy school lunch ideas!

Congratulations to the winner of the healthy lunch box contest, Sandra Safronova! She’s got a complete menu plan that your kids are going to love for lunch. Simple, vital, and delicious.

Check out Sandra’s submission here.

Thank you Sandra and everyone else for your inspiring tips. It’s great to hear that we are all inspiring change in the classroom and schools. School lunches will never be boring or monotonous again!

The submissions will be left up for you to read, and you can keep on posting and sharing your healthy school lunch ideas.

Here’s an idea…

Sometimes we concentrate on what’s in the box, but not what’s on the food. I’m talking about plastics. Plastic baggies, cling wrap, aluminum foil, and even plastic containers leach chemicals into our food.

These chemicals increase the risk of birth defects, growth problems, hormonal imbalance, and certain cancers. The leaching happens gradually over time, but is accelerated when exposed to high heat, scratched or soaked in water over time.

Better alternatives for healthy kids lunches are: paper, glass, wood and stainless steel. To learn more about the dangers of plastics, click here. 

Share your school lunch idea and win a healthy lunch box!

Every day is a new struggle. But you don’t conform to the norm of processed or junky school lunches.

So what healthy foods do you pack kids for lunch…? As health-conscious parents, school lunches can be difficult, but I’m sure you know a few things that work every time, or have even become a hit with your kids’ friends.

Share your school lunch ideas with other parents, and enter to win a stainless steel lunch box.

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