Natural Health Concepts

Natural health concepts

When looking at illness, it might help to look at some natural health concepts. All it takes is a willingness for the parent to change their frame of mind a little, and take a look at their sick child in a different light.

How can we look at our child’s illness?

Sometimes as parents, a sick child worries and scares us. Fear arises, and all sorts of questions come up: Why is this happening? What am I doing wrong? What did s/he do to deserve this? When will it end?

Instead of thinking about natural health concepts, you tend to look at the process negatively, and lose sight of what an illness means. Acute disease is an illness that comes up suddenly, usually lasts for a short period of time, and has particular symptoms.

You can look at it as a blessing, for it is a detoxification, or elimination process that the body needs to go through. The body is eliminating the harmful infection that was building up inside.

You can view it as negative energy that is coming out of the body. This process can take different forms depending on what area of the organism is getting rid of this energy. It is practically inevitable in every human’s life, a natural mechanism of cleansing the unwanted and unecessary blockages within the body. You might as well embrace it, this blessing!

A natural health concept is to speed up the process, move it along. This is better than trying to “fight” disease, or hide it (which is what we are in effect doing every time we use painkillers and drugs).

You need to get in tune with what’s happening, to really feel the flow of energies. You can make sure that nothing interferes with the “bad energies” exiting, nothing blocks them or stands in the way.

Observing your child attentively during the process allows you to access your intution. This will guide you on what to do in every given moment, according to the particular situation.

The human body is a very complex organism, totally capable of healing itself just by consciously rearranging energies. In other words, by sending love to a hurting part of your child’s body you are helping the self-healing process.

Healing Belief – A Natural Health Concept

Help your child relax (this means letting go of your own fears and panic), to create conditions of “least resistance”. A natural health concept starts in your own mind, and you have to make peace with letting the natural process take its course.

This can be as simple as staying at home with your child in bed, in a peaceful and quiet environment – without TV or conversations, rushing around, or thinking about things that need to be done. They can wait! Your child needs to heal first.

Your child needs to feel the reassuring presence of a confident parent. A parent that is not unafraid but actually believes in the wisdom and resilience of a child’s own body, helps those same qualities work effectively.

When fear overtakes the situation, it can block the healing energies of both parent and child.

Sometimes we feel it’s easier to make a doctor – or even a drug -responsible for our children’s health, even if we know it’s not a major disorder. This can actually make the idease stay longer and grow more complicated.

The doctor can’t give your child the necessary love and attention, but since you have already made him resonsible in your mind, you have taken yourselve out of the equation. When the parent is not participating fully enough for the child to heal, the lack of confidence also sends the message to the child that they can’t heal themselves.

Don’t be afraid to be guided by your own inner wisdom. Sometimes you will see that it doesn’t coincide with what “doctors reccommend.” Learn to trust yourself and your child.

Mistakes are usually made in the presence of fear and unawareness. But mistakes are good, they are your best teachers!