Mothers milk

You know there’s nothing better than mothers milk. When you choose to breast feed you are giving your newborn child the best nutrition, and so much more. We want to hear your breast feeding story!

The next best thing you can give a newborn child is your unconditional love, and another mother’s milk. Human milk is much healthier for your infant than cow milk, and many mothers who have too much will happily give away their extra bottled milk.

“Breast feeding a weight regulator, research shows”

“Breast feeding promotes healthy brain development”

“Breast feeding fosters an important psychological and physiological connection between mother and child”

…Does it really take these sorts of headlines to convince mothers? No.

All you have to do is look at a Renaiassance painting of Madonna and Child to understand the beauty within, and the ancient wisdom.

Then why are so few women making the natural choice to breast feed? Less than 30% of women in the US breastfeed for at least 6 months.

This page is for you; the few, the bold, and the wise.

Mom’s Milk
Mom’s milk is a forum for mothers like you to share their breast feeding stories (after all, we spend so many hours doing it!) It doesn’t matter if you are feeding a newborn right now, have five grown kids, or are a first time mother.

Breast feeding is full of heart warming moments, tender looks, smiles, giggles, looong nights, hilarious and painful moments too. Tell us a funny story, how you overcome a struggle, or share tips with other moms. Or just talk about how much you love to nurse your babe!

Because you know nothing beats mom’s milk.