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Trading sugar for healthy treats

Find out how to get your kids happy and healthy again without crash dieting, starvation or un-fun rules. Here is one mother’s touching story.Click Here to listen to “The Kind Cure for Childhood Obesity.”

If you want to make one vital healthful change…

…instead of sugary treats, choose healthy treats for your kids.

Many people have a sugar addiction, simply because they were hooked as young children.

I was definitely an addict. But you can break the cycle, because refined sugar is too dangerous to toy with.

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Healthy sugar alternatives 

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Some damaging effects of refined sugar:– Feeds cancer cells

– Causes obesity and diabetes

– Causes auto-immune diseases

– Assists the growth of Candida yeast infections

– Increases the size of your liver

– Weakens defenses against infectious disease

– Increases kidney size and form kidney stones

– Increases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

– Causes hormonal imbalances (increasing estrogen in men, worsening PMS, and decreasing growth hormone)

– Causes chronic degenerative diseases

– Upset the mineral relationships in your body

– Increases tendency to other addictions

– Behind problems like alcohol addiction, chronic headaches, sleep problems and depression

– Causes hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children (due to all the above)

– Sugar, like other drugs, also has spirit blocking properties.

Licking the sugar habit

You’ll often see “low-sugar” or even “sugar free” foods that boast these claims as if it mattered. The alternative is just as bad.

Oh, and organic sugar? Haha. Who do they think they’re fooling?

The truth is it’s not enough to just lower your intake of refined sugar. For optimal health, you have to eliminate it completely from your diet.

Sounds hard, but it becomes easy when you just replace it with healthy sweets. 

Interestingly enough, sugar is not just the white stuff – white bread rice and pasta send the same chemical message to the brain. That’s why we just keep craving the stuff.

An excellent book on this topic is Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton.

When substituting sugar for healthy treats you will be amazed at the difference. Your kids will get sick a lot less. They might feel lighter, more focused, less irritable, more energized…

…and you will definitely drop a few pounds! 

Click here for healthy and delicious recipes.

Once you can replace refined sugar in your diet, teaching kids to love healthy treats will be a breeze. Teaching them to love healthy chocolate is even easier.

There are plenty more alternatives to refined white sugar that your kids will love. You won’t have them crying or complaining if you do a few simple swaps. 

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