Healthy Mother

Being a healthy mother, being there for your kids

A healthy mother is a key ingredient in making a healthy child.

As a mother, you know that trying to force healthy habits on your kids is useless if you don’t form them yourself. The best thing you can do is lead by example.

You are your child’s first teacher, and perhaps the most important teacher they’ll ever have. This happens consciously or unconsciously, whether you choose to “teach” or not.

Those who parent consciously get the biggest rewards. Healthy parenting produces healthy children who are capable of achieving all their dreams in this world, and the sky is the limit.

A healthy mother… 

– Treats her and her children’s bodies with respect.Your body is a temple, it holds the divine, but it is also divine. It is not to be disrespected or neglected by the mind. The mind is not on a higher level: body, mind and soul should be balanced.

– So a healthy mother knows that what she puts into her body will affect what is “produced”. Wholesome, nourishing food, eaten with awareness and without stress, yields the greatest physical energy to spend with your children. The right nourishment for the body allows increased mental clarity. It also provides a connection and pathway to the heart and soul.

Knows that physical energy needs the right kinds of outlets. Your kids (and you too!) need lots of play time and physical exercise outdoors. If their energy is not spent, it stagnates. This pent up energy can cause difficulty sleeping, lead to health problems, or be exerted in violent ways.

Cares for and guides her children, but does not own or control them. Poet Kahlil Gibran wisely tells us that “Our children are not our children…” We respect their individual needs as human beings, they are not our objects to own and subject to any circumstances wedesire.

Knows that she needs to spend time with her children. If the care is consistently passed out of the parents’ hands and into a nanny’s, daycares’, or even schools’, these become the children’s primary teachers and influences.These caregivers could never come close to giving your children the love and attention that they need from you, their mother. When a child misses out on a mother’s love in these crucial years of development, there is a hole in them that is forever longing to be filled.

– A healthy mother is responsive to the child’s needs, but does not spoil them in doing so. She creates a valuable bond of love, and an irreplaceable sense of trust – not just in the parent, but trust in the world.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your children is just be there. You can give your kids the care they need and be there to help them make healthy choices. Your children are also your greatest teachers, you learn so much from them by just being around!

But spending the necessary time being a healthy mother with your children is increasingly difficult.

Learn how many mothers (like me!) are taking back their home time, and not sacrificing the necessity of a second income. 

These days there are just too many commitments to dedicate the right amount of time to a young child, especially for a working mother who is also expected to take care of the household.

A mother rushes off to her job every day, while her kids plead for her to stay home and play, teach them and nurture them!

Children in this society grow up without enough attention from a nurturing parent, and are often given toys or put in front of the TV, which become “teachers”.

We don’t recognize the severity of how seriously these “teachers” are taken by young developing minds. Their whole world view is being shaped and skewed.

Once we realize that they don’t need these kind of teachers, and children are re-united with their mothers, they will have the opportunity to be loved to the full potential and grow healthy again. 

Being a healthy mother takes time. It takes devotion, and a different, more relaxed pace of life. There is no need to try to juggle your own and your children’s health with your “career” or your job. 

A common scenario

You’ve just had a baby. Just a few months ago you couldn’t even go to the washroom without your child, and now your employers expect you to drop everything and come back to work like nothing’s changed!

That’s not what’s in your heart though. You would rather stay home with your baby, witnessing every precious minute your child learns about the world around her. This is far more rewarding than your “work”.

If you are a new mother, click here to find out how you can spend more time at home and still be making an income. Instead of rushing back from maternity leave, you could be raising your kids stress free and teaching them what you truly value. 

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