Healthy Meals

Find out how to get your kids happy and healthy again. Here is one mother’s touching story. Click Here to listen to “The Kind Cure for Childhood Obesity.”

Making healthy meal choices might mean getting back to the kitchen and using fresh whole foods! It can be simple, click on the links for fresh and wholesome recipes: 

Bring it on breakfast 

Salads for lunch 

Surprisingly simple 

Soothing soup 

School lunch ideas? 

Deliciously decent dinners 

Tantalizing treats 

Make the healthiest meals (no cooking required!) 

Our kids suffer when we make quick, processed food decisions.

Things that are wrapped in plastic are generally not considered a healthy meal choice, and neither is a micro-waved meal. Actually, radiating your food is one of the worst things to do! It totally changes the molecular composition of the food.

Sure, it may be easy for your kids to throw some packages into a lunchbox when you’re tired in the morning, or grab a quick snack after school, or micro-wave a “meal” if you’re staying late for a meeting.

But what message does that send to them, and how are they going to learn to prepare real food for themselves as they grow? And how much does their health suffer in the process? 

As a parent, you can break the pattern of breakfast cereals, chewy bars, Ritz crackers, Lunchables, juice boxes, lunch meats, Wonderbread sandwiches, plastic cheese (you know what I’m talking about), Dunkaroos and the like.

Begin to see this food for what it is: processed chemical substances (although shaped and dyed and wrapped in fun colours) with absolutely no nutritional value.

These food-like substances will clog your kids’ systems, damage their mind and soul, and make them very sick in the long run.

Do you feel like you strive to pack your kids “only the best”, the healthiest organic foods? Click here to share your healthy school lunch ideas with other parents, and help us all avoid those easy, junky options.

It is every parent’s responsibility to educate themselves on healthy choices, and teach their children how to prepare wholesome whole foods that will nourish, vitalize and heal them.

Healthy meals – not happy meals! 

Real, whole foods make healthy meal choices:- vegetables

– fruits

– nuts

– seeds

– whole grains

– oils

No more, no less.

Combining them is an art that takes years to cultivate and perfect. Mothers like you and I are unrecognized artists in the kitchen.

I’ve seen my own mother slave away for hours at a time, to emerge triumphantly with culinary masterpieces. Health tucked away sneakily, or cut up so tiny that not even little eyes could discern it!

Kids feel the love that a meal is prepared with, even if they seem reluctant to try something new at first.

Think of your parents and what they prepared for you… it stuck with you for life. You’ll always remember the taste of home, and when you need comfort, you turn to that kind of food.

So will your kids. Teach them what’s wholesome and delicious, what will make their bodies buzz with healthy, happy energy.

They will forever remember good taste and good feelings, and associate it with good homemade food.

Mothers as conscious consumers

In an increasingly toxic world, it’s more important to be aware of the consumer decisions we make.

Conscious consumers:

– Choose local fruits and vegetables (organic when possible) 

– Cut out meat 

– Get proteins from nature’s miracle foods: nuts and seeds

– Make what they can from scratch

– Always read food labels 

For parents with a hectic schedule, it might sound hard to make everything from scratch. But this is so vital, it’s worth slowing down for.

It’s all about speed and convenience in the kitchen, so there are lots of time-saving appliances you can use – a blender is my favourite.

To make it simple, you need to know how to select the most nutritious ingredients, keep it fresh, and get your kids excited about helping!

If you’re already a whiz in the kitchen, you will have no problems making healthy meal choices for your kids. In fact, the only changes you need to make are changes in mindset.

If you are a parent constantly on the go, there are simple solutions for you as well. Busy moms sigh with relief at the thought of making simple meals. 

I’m a single mother myself, but with health on my side, I have the energy to spend some extra time in the kitchen for the sake of healthy meal choices. Or maybe just for the love of the art.