Ice Cream

How to make a healthy choice ice cream

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As a parent who’s always looking for healthy options, I know you’ve been waiting for a healthy choice ice cream! I was pretty excited myself when I found out about it.

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? They’ll find any reason to eat it: as a band-aid when they get hurt, on special occasions, as a dessert, a special treat for getting a good grade, to celebrate winning the game, or just because it’s hot out.

It’s too bad many kids have lactose intolerance and dairy causes a build-up of mucus in the body that can lead to serious health problems. And most ice cream is chock-full of sugar.

As a vegan, a healthy choice ice cream was not an indulgence, it was a must! Let’s face it though, soy ice cream is pretty gross, and most kids won’t choose it over the dairy kind. I looked for healthy ice cream online, but all the recipes required an “ice-cream machine”, which I wasn’t about to invest in.

When I finally came across an easy dairy-free, raw ice cream recipe in Naked Chocolate by Shazzie and David Wolfe, I was pretty excited, and I wanted to share it of course.

After all, it’s a whole new take on dessert…your kids don’t have to sacrifice taste for health! To me, it was a revolution in ice cream: aka: healthy choice ice cream – and all you need is a food processor or high-speed blender.

Here is my modified version of the recipe: 

Basic recipe:– Bunch of bananas (use as many bananas as you have, just use less coconut oil)

– 1 tbsp coconut oil

– Sweetener like honey, raw sugar or agave (optional – I find the bananas are sweet enough)

Chop the bananas and freeze them at least 3 hours. Combine with the rest of the ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender. Blend until it becomes white and ice-cream like. You will have lots of ice cream that can be stored in the freezer if the kids don’t gobble it all up in one go.

Of course, you can get fancy…

– For strawberry ice cream: Add strawberries to the mix (fresh or frozen).

– For chocolate – aka super-kid: Add some raw cocoa powder to make sure they’re getting their super foods!

– For mint chocolate chip (this was the one in Naked Chocolate): Add fresh mint leaves to 2 tbsp agave nectar (or honey) and refrigerate for as long as you’re freezing the bananas. Blend with bananas and coconut oil, then add raw cocoa nibs for the “healthy chocolate chips”.

– For coconut: Sprinkle raw shredded coconut on the blended ice cream. Also try slivered almonds.

– You can use plantains instead of bananas.

Surprise your kids with this healthy choice ice cream for breakfast! (The food processor noise will get them out of bed for sure.) Why not start the morning happy and healthy? ;)