Healthy pregnancy tips

Natural health starts in the womb, and here are some pregnancy tips.

A stress-free pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy!

Your fetus literally floats in water which contains the hormones produced by your body, the same ones that send emotional messages to the brain. This is the juice of your emotions. You can grow your baby in the happiest juice possible!

Pregnancy is a time to shut out the world, to be nurtured and nestled in a comfortable spot. Forget about the madness of our modern lifestyle, the stress of everyday living. This is a time of rest and relaxation, preparation and meditation.
You are making a nest, preparing everything so that it’s perfect for when the child comes. It is natural to want to educate yourself in the best way possible, and know your options for labour.

Maybe you are considering natural birth. A brave and wise choice, especially once you educate yourself about birthing.

Follow your heart if you find yourself drawn to the country, away from the stress of city life. Surrounding yourself with nature is the perfect way to de-stress and gather your thoughts about the new arrival.

Give your body, mind and spirit a break, and that little bun in the oven all the attention it deserves.

~ You are a vessel carrying pure, perfect life, building it at every moment. Every time you are stressed, the building process comes to a halt until you relax again. ~

pregnancy tips in the womb

Growing a baby
Scientifically, the developing baby is labeled an embryo and fetus, without consideration for its human aspect, its soul.

Ancient cultures had more respect for the unborn baby; they knew that from conception, there was a soul that came into existence. A spirit has chosen your (the mother’s) body and soul as a vessel to come to Earth in.
What a beautiful thought…

…much better than the “cluster of cells” idea.

It’s actually a shame our society barely treats pregnant women with the respect and care they deserve. How can you protect and nurture a little soul if you aren’t protected and nurtured yourself?

If you are a pregnant mother reading this, I want to congratulate you and wish you a wonderful journey; one of growth, and a deep connection to nature. Please enjoy the pregnancy tips.

Motherhood definitely makes you stronger, and gives you a whole new outlook on life!

Pregnancy should be like taking a sacred holiday. Never in a woman’s life is there a better opportunity to journey inward, grow, and be born again.

You are closer than ever to participation in the divine creation that constantly takes place in the universe. It’s an opportunity to realize your true purpose and feminine role in this creation.

One last pregnancy tip:

This is a beautiful, eye opening documentary by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. Founder of the conscious birth movement in Russia, she now does workshops all over the world. She helps people heal their birth traumas, to have stress-free pregnancies and deliveries.
You will be amazed to watch these women give natural birth. I’ve never seen anything like it! Any mother who has given birth or is about to, is bound to shed a few tears while witnessing birthing beauty, contrasted with birthing traumas and some horrifying statistics.

It will change the way you look at birth, and it might even change the way you want to give birth.