Childhood Rashes

Childhood Rashes

Childhood rashes often occur because of intolerance to something in the diet, like a mild allergic reaction.


Another common reason for childhood rashes is toxic pollutants and irritants in the air that are absorbed by the skin (this includes scented sprays, from household cleaning chemicals, to perfume and even dryer sheets). Our children’s skin, and their whole system is very delicate, so it is important to know what they are ingesting, and what their skin is exposed to. A rash is the body’s way of letting you know that something inside has been thrown off balance.

That is why the best way to treat a rash is from the inside out. However, topical treatments also work – especially because your child needs relief first, so it is very important to soothe the skin. It is equally as important to find out what is the root of the cause. Here are some common reasons for childhood rashes:

– An allergic reaction, commonly to excessive dairy products and gluten

– An overload of sugar intake

– Any imbalance within the body, that is showing its signs on the outside (also can be caused by diet and exposure to toxins)

– Yeast growth inside a wet diaper

– An allergy to the chemical scents found in everything from room spray to toys (which can be aggravated by poor ventilation and lack of fresh air indoors)

– Poison ivy outside

It helps to ask yourself some questions:

“What has my child eaten that was different today?”

“What has my child been eating over the past month that may have thrown his/her system off balance?”

“Did I buy a new detergent/cleaner/scented candle etc?”

“Did s/he come into the bathroom while I was cleaning it?”

“How much ventilation do we get in this house?”

Identifying the cause of childhood rashes is the first – and most important step – in treating them and preventing future occurrences.