Breastfeeding Breast feeding, a natural choice for life

The importance of choosing breast feeding is totally understated in our society. In many ways, breast feeding really can form the foundation for your child’s entire life.


A pristine human being enters this world. Its first moments will form its whole impression of the world! What kind of an impression do doctor’s latex gloved hands, blinding lights, and cold air form?

No wonder the babe is screaming!

Your baby has spent nine months floating in a dark, cozy, warm womb.

And then…blinding bright lights, and a bunch of rushed, stressed out people!

Regular hospital births can be a traumatic shock, so the first thing a mother does is shelter her baby against her warm body. What can be more natural and healthy than holding your newborn at your breast?

Today, so called “modesty” tells women to keep their breasts out of sight, and ‘doctor’s advice’ reinforces it by telling women they can use a bottle instead.

So parents hand their kids a rubber nipple.


No words can explain it, but the mother and the baby’s hearts feel the full spectrum of benefits for both of them. There is a special connection happening on a spiritual level, a fine tuning of souls.

It is a physical manifestation of love, so much more than just “feeding”. Feeding is the superficial act…but what lies beneath, unseen, is actually far more important.

Important information is transmitted through the breast milk that forms a lifetime impression. It communicates a mother’s perception of the world, and the baby’s place in it. This happens through forms of body language, emotions and thoughts.

The mother shares her essence. Babies are extremely open to this information, so eager to learn, so hungry for it. It is imprinted onto their body and soul for the rest of their lives.

Babies’ love and trust for their parents is immense. They want to make their parents happy and fulfill all their expectations.

That’s why the feelings communicated through breast feeding form a huge impression on them. They are taken to heart and ingrained in the subconscious.


When your soul is trying to give your baby the best, your body happily follows, and in turn gives its best – in the form of milk.

All the necessary physical components for the growth and development of happy, loving, strong and healthy children are present in this kind of breast milk.

That’s why drinking cow milk can never replace full term breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, we live in times when this God-designed, naturally complete and perfect way of nurturing the baby is practically dismissed as unnecessary for one reason or another. At some point we got lost and disregarded the ancient wisdom of naturally breast feeding our babies.

The choice to be made at this critical moment of a child’s development is to breast feed! But instead of the magical drink that miraculously forms right beside the mother’s heart, many children are given a chemical formula.

Infant formula – a mix of water, sugar, dried cow’s milk, preservatives and some other unpronounceable dried substances…”vitamins”? How in the world could this potion possibly replace natural mother’s milk – warm, alive and complete – without having harmful effects?

So many babies have been, and still are, being formula-fed over breast-fed, yet we wonder why our babies’ digestive systems don’t always work the way they are supposed to. Could it be because we don’t let them work the way they are meant to…the natural way?

This mistake is just another reflection of our “modern” way of thinking. Disconnected from nature, fragmented and mechanical, this mentality has been repeatedly proven flawed.

Doctors and nurses have been telling mothers ”Breast feeding or formula – it’s your choice, doesn’t matter, entirely up to you”, and many mothers didn’t realize how much was at stake in making that choice.

Only now is emerging science recognizing the fallacy, and re-claiming the necessity of nursing (though slowly). Not only for the obvious nutritional benefits, but for psychological and spiritual as well.

“Our first act after birth is to suck our mother’s milk. That is an act of affection, of compassion. Without that act, we cannot survive. And that act cannot be fulfilled unless there is a mutual feeling of affection. From the child’s side, if there is no feeling of affection, no bond, towards the person giving the milk, then the child may not suck the milk. And without affection on the part of the mother, then the milk may not come freely. So that’s the way of life. That’s reality.” – HH Dalai Lama

Breast feeding health starts during pregnancy.

Stress plays a big role on your own physical health, and the development of the child. Stress or anger might be the number one cause of lack of milk in the breasts.

Problems experienced during nursing, from latching the baby to producing milk, can be overcome by love and determination. You can give everything to your baby by making the natural choice to breast feed for as long as necessary. You give your child the best start in life.